Maurizio Viviani introduction

I make autonomous stratospheric balloons I have tested in several environments, particularly mountain and hostile places.
My technology allows to take many more data than any other mission and we want a complete and structured map of the planet in order to have a complete study of its atmosphere and geology.
We need to improve storms forecast and to find safe places, to find water and best places for human habitats.
We are programming robots which will build and make all the tasks necessary before we go.
Mars is just the first planet we will live in soon.

Come with us, internship (study & apply) for our Mars Exploration Program MEP I: programming autonomous robots for making habitats, 3d printing structures and stratoballoons for the first complete study of the planet and for rescue missions, getting ready for MEP II: human exploration of Mars.
Both robots and exploring modules are powered by supercomputers.

Internship with us for programming them.

Strong Artificial Intelligence is the born of new era for programming machines.
Supercomputers need new language and different algorithms and we give the key for learning them quickly and deeply.


Programming and testing autonomous balloons managed by super computers. Sending to Mars for exploration


Programming and testing the most advanced robots in the most hostile places on the planet. Sending to Mars for habitats 3d printing and for making operations


Human exploration of the Red Planet with fully assistance of the balloons network and of the population of robots